Linguistics Talks @ Western




February 1
Helmut Jürgensen (Department of Computer Science and Department of Mathematics)
Millstream Systems

April 12
Ljiljana Progovac (Wayne State University)
Syntactic curiosities from an evolutionary angle: Exocentrics, absolutives, unaccusatives



January 27
Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada (University of Western Ontario)
"Monolingual field research" to field training

January 27
Tania Granadillo (University of Western Ontario)
Reconciliating research ethic board requirements and community concerns

February 11
Sali Tagliamonte (University of Toronto)
Peaks and trends in linguistic change: The view from Toronto

February 15
Michiya Kawai (Huron)
Partial control, theta-roles, and tough-constructions

March 1
Shelley Taylor (University of Western Ontario)
L2 writing & dual language texts

March 11
Michol Hoffman (York University)
Attitudes toward national varieties of Spanish in a multilectal context

March 15
Sarah Cloutier (University of Western Ontario)
Predicting Children's Language Abilities

Discussion of some background material is led by Lisa Archibald (School of Communication Sciences and Disorders)

March 17
Olga Kharytonava (University of Western Ontario)
Noun compounds in Turkish

March 31
Ida Toivonen (Carleton University)
Duration and phonological quantity

October 26
Ileana Paul (UWO)
Wide-scoping bare nouns in Malagasy

November 30
Vicki Rubin (Western University)
Nothing but the Truth: Detecting Deception in Computer-Mediated Communication



October 14
Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada (University of Western Ontario)
Negation Strategies in Uyghur (ISO: 639-3: uig)

October 20
David Heap (University of western Ontario)
Why feature geometries?

October 28
Ken McRae (Department of Psychology, UWO)
Event-based Thematic Role Concepts

November 17
Jeff Tennant (University of Western Ontario)
Investigating rhythm in language contact

December 1
Farahnaz Faez (Western University)
Linguistic identities: reconceptualizing the native/nonnative dichotomy

December 2
Jennifer Jackson (University of Toronto)
Stop acting like an andevo': Negotiating ideologies and aesthetics of class through syntax and register shifts in political kabary and political cartooning



September 28
Olga Kharytonava (Western University)
Taming affixes in Turkish

October 26
Miriam Meyerhoff (University of Edinburgh)
The grammar of groups and grammar in the individual: Existential constructions in Bequia Creole

October 27
Miriam Meyerhoff (University of Edinburgh)
Mother and martyr: The strategic deployment of domestic identities in public political discourse

November 2
Jeannette Sánchez-Naranjo (Michigan State University)
Twists of mood: The interpretation of the Spanish subjunctive

November 4
Alejandro Cuza (Purdue University)
Incomplete acquisition and L1 attrition of subject-verb inversion in Spanish: A case for syntactic optionality

November 9
Anahí Alba de la Fuente (University of Ottawa)
Clitic Combinations in Spanish: Notes on Syntax, Diachrony and Processing

November 30
Mackenzie Salt (Western University)
Topicality and focus in Sri Lanka Malay



January 31
Christine Tsang (Department of Psychology, Huron)
The Auditory Environment and the Infant Listener: How Real-World Cues Can Shape Auditory Perception

February 7
David Heap (Western University)
Clitic Sequencing: Templates, Movements, Optimality Constraints or a
Feature Geometry?

Ileana Paul leads discussion on the context & background to this research, with reference to a related background reading

February 11
Gary Libben(University of Alberta)
Art and science of psycholinguistic research

February 14
Peter Denny (Department of Psychology, UWO)
Classifiers: semantics and ecology

March 13
Ileana Paul (Western University)
The presence versus absence of determiners in Malagasy

April 17
Anne-Michelle Tessier (University of Alberta)
Quick to listen but slow to produce: challenges from the timecourse of L1 phonological acquisition

April 17
Anne-Michelle Tessier (University of Alberta)
Children's exceptional words: Lexical challenges from the time-course of L1 phonological acquisition

May 27
Michiya Kawai ( UWO/Huron)
Verbal morphology of Japanese and syntactic head movement

May 27
Mikalai Kliashchuk (Western University)
L'interrogation coordonnée dans les langues slaves



January 18
Becky Roeder (University of Toronto)
Do Mexican Americans in Lower Michigan have a distinct dialect of English? Evidence from production and perception

February 14
Dr. Sharon Lapkin (OISE/UT)
French as a second language university students learn the grammatical concept of voice: Study design, materials development, and pilot data

February 15
Hitay Yuseker ( York University/Queen's)
Turkish passives: anyone? someone!

March 13
Elizabeth Skarakis-Doyle ( University of Western Ontario)
Developmental Clinical Pragmatics: Investigations into the Language Use of Young Children with and without Language Impairments

March 20
Madeleine Halmøy (CASTL, University of Tromsø)
Number, (in)definiteness and bare nouns - Norwegian compared and contrasted with English and French

May 22
Kanstantsin Tsedryk and Egor Tsedryk ( University of Western Ontario)
Le datif et l'accusatif dans l'interlangue des apprenants du français L2

May 22
Mikalai Kliashchuk (University of western Ontario)
La syntaxe des mot-qu coordonnés en russe

July 12-14
Journées PFC 2007 (Colloque international)
Des corpus oraux aux théories phonologiques: le cas du français

July 31
Dr. J. Bruce Morton (Director of the Cognitive Development Centre, Department of Psychology, UWO)
Developmental Insights into the Origins of Language

August 7
Language Technologies and their Potential Applications in Library Settings

September 21
Robert Stainton (Philosophy)
Non-sentences: A life lived on the linguistic periphery

October 12
Elizabeth Skarakis-Doyle (School of Communicative Science and Disorders)
Realizing you don't understand: A study of comprehension monitoring in children with and without language impairment

October 26
Jacques Lamarche (Western Univerisity)
The Relation between Grammatical and Conceptual Categories: Combinational and Terminal Distinctions in Language

November 2
Ileana Paul (Western University)
Ileana Paul will run a workshop on research ethics, REB approvals and related issues, for any grad students (or others) who may be interested

November 16
Chet Creider (Western University)
Hyperbaton in Homeric Greek: The Treatment of Extra-Phrasal Constituents

December 5
J. Bruce Morton (Western University)
The bilingual advantage in cognitive control: A critical examination



November 14
Wladyslaw Cichocki ( University of New Brunswick)
Ils disaient des aviont pis des étiont, pis ils l'disent encore: Acquisition of a traditional morphosyntactic variant by Acadian French children

December 1
Donna Starks (University of Auckland)
The New Zeland Short Front Vowel Shift In a Pasifika Enclave



September 29
Fida Dakroub (Université Western Ontario)
La perte du français parlé en Ontario: les facteurs extralinguistiques, le comportement linguistique et les conséquences structurales

October 7
Ken McRae (University of Western Ontario)
Why you can say and understand that "whiskey fermented in oak barrels can have a woody taste

October 20
Edith Aldridge (Northwestern University)
Ergativity in Tagalog and other Western Austronesian languages

October 21
Patrick Brown (University of Western Ontario)
Statistics for linguists (Part 1)

October 28
Patrick Brown (University of Western Ontario)
Statistics for linguists (Part 2)

November 3
Hank Rogers (University of Toronto)
Sounding gay: the Phonetics of gay speech

November 4
Patrick Brown (University of Western Ontario)
Statistics for linguists (Part 3)

November 11
Patrick Brown (University of Western Ontario)
Statistics for linguists (Part 4)

November 17
Jeffrey Steele (University of Toronto)
Perceptual and articulatory constraints on the L2 acquisition of French <R>

December 9-10
The 9th annual Bilingual Workshop in Theoretical Linguistics
Le 9e Atelier bilingue en linguistique théorique.




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