Protocoles reçus / Received protocols:


Syntaxe / Syntax

  • The Structure of Northern Iroquoian Languages /Gabriela Alboiu / York University [pdf]

  • Uses and Interpretations of Verbs in English and French / Jacques Lamarche / UWO [pdf]

  • Aspects of Ergativity in a Non-ergative Language / Ileana Paul / UWO

Acquisition L1

  • Object Complements in Child Language / Ana T. Pérez-Leroux / U of T

  • Le paramètre de l'inaccusativité chez les francophones en situation minoritaire / Patricia Balcom / Université de Moncton [pdf]

Acquisition L2

  • The Acquisition of Middle Constructions in Spanish / Joyce Bruhn de Garavito, Patricia Bayona / UWO [pdf]

  • Aspectual past tense distinctions in French / J. Bruhn de Garavito, Carol Clemance / UWO [pdf]

  • Les compétences sociolinguistiques des apprenants avancés du français L2 / David Heap, Iryna Punko / UWO [pdf]

  • Acquisition of French morpho-syntactic structure: a preliminary study / David Heap, Kanstantsin Tsedryk / UWO [pdf]

Psycholinguistics / Psycholinguistique

  • Processing of thematic features of deverbal nominals / Christine Pittman / UofT / [pdf]

Sociolinguistique / Sociolinguistics

  • Language Attitudes in Rwanda / Pascal Munyankesha / UWO [pdf]

  • Study on the Status of Pronouns of Address in Colombian Spanish / David Heap, Patricia Bayona / UWO [pdf]

  • Appropriating the Discourse of Language in Mathematics Education / Shelley Taylor, Donna Kotsopoulos/ UWO [pdf]

Linguistique appliquée / Applied Linguistics

  • Leader Variation Effects on Interaction in Second Language Conversation Circles / Shelley Taylor / UWO [pdf]

Linguistique générale / General Linguistics

  • A New Research Pparadigm for Setting Down the Cayuga Oral Tradition / Carrie Dyck; Amos Key, Jr. / Memorial U. of Newfoundland [pdf]

  • Upper Necaxa Field Project II: The Structure and Acquisition of an Endangered Indigenous Language / David Beck/ U. of Alberta [pdf]






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