TALL Research

TALL has also been central to the training of linguistics researchers, with 21M.A. degrees and 3 Pd.D degree awarded since 1995, and 12 Ph.D degrees currently in progress on linguistic topics through the graduate program in the Department of French thus providing a cohort of highly skilled linguistics research professionals.

Among the research projects formally linked to TALL are:

  • Jeff Tennant's corpus of London Franco-Ontarian speakers.

  • David Heap's electronic publication of the dialect survey data from the Atlas Lingüístico de la Península Ibérica.

  • Jacques Lamarche's work on world knowledge and grammar and on inflectional morphology differences in French and English.

  • François Poiré's collaboration with the international research group PFC- la phonologie du français contemporain, which studies phonological variation in French from Francophone regions around the world.

  • Canada Research Chair in Linguistics, Ileana Paul's cross-linguistic work in syntactical theory including an online database of Malagasy and the development of a Malagasy grammar.

  • Joyce Bruhn de Garavito's research project on language acquisition ("the Steady State Grammar of Early and Late Bilingual's")





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