Canadian linguistic characteristics


For some years now, Canada has often been seen as a very prosperous country. It is of no wonder then, that every year, a lot of immigrants from other countries around the world stream to Canada to make a living and live comfortably. Due to the various migrations that have happened over time, what you would find is that the linguistic characteristics of Canada are somewhat unique and different from the others. What are the linguistic characteristics of people who are living in Canada?

Here are some facts about the linguistic characteristics of Canada which would keep you very much interested.

  • In Canada, it has been reported that just over 200 languages are spoken by various groups of persons, nationalities, and races. This makes Canada one of the most diversified countries in the whole world.
  • As close as 2011 when the census was carried out in Canada, it was found that over 75% of the population has the ability to speak one other language apart from the official languages of Canada. These people were normally found in big cities which are located all over Canada such as Toronto.
  • The fasting growing language in the whole of Canada happens to be Tagalog which is a language from the Philippines. It is believed to have increased by 60% since the start of 2006. This shows just how much Asians are investing in Canada.
  • Over 10% of the population reported that they were quite at ease speaking at least 2 languages when they were home. This shows just how diverse Canada has come to be in recent times.
  • Over 11% of people who live Canada admitted that they could speak English and one language other than the official languages. This number is believed to be steadily increasing.
  • Over 60% of persons who live in Canada that has a language other than the English language as their mother tongue has come to read and write the English language very fluently.
  • Every year, the number of people who speak French in the French-speaking regions of Canada seems to be slowly declining. It is believed that the decline would continue for some time to come.
  • Over 5 million people who live in Canada has the ability to hold a reasonable conversation in any of the official languages of Canada. The official languages of Canada are English and French
  • In Toronto alone, you would find that about 2 million persons have the ability to speak a language which is foreign to the official languages of Canada. This is simply incredible!

Canada is simply a bustling place which will keep on growing economically. You can also expect a lot of growth when it comes to diversity and linguistic characteristics. Every year Canada lets in a lot of immigrants which is sure to help grow the diversity levels in the country. One thing is for sure though. Canada is one of the most diversified countries to live in. Hence it is really the home of all immigrants.