What languages you can find in Canada

What languages you can find in Canada?

In today’s world which is filled with wars and issues the world still has some safe havens to find shelter. This is what Canada is about. Recently declared to be one of the best places to live in the world and its Calgary declared as the cleanest city in the world makes Canada an exciting prospect for anyone.

The country of Canada can be found in North America. In fact, Canada shares boundaries with America. You could simply walk into New York from Ontario. That is just how close they are to each other. Canada is also home to a lot of people who speak many diverse languages. What are some of the most popular languages which are spoken in Canada? These could include but is not limited to;

  • English: in entire Canada, this is the language which is being spoken. It is spoken by over 20 million persons who live and reside in Canada. This takes the total number of persons speaking the English language to about 58% of the total population of the country. This is due to the fact that one of the official languages in the country is English. All the regions of Canada with the exception of Quebec and Montreal are English speaking. It is believed that the number of people who speak English in Canada would only keep increasing.
  • French: the second most popular language in Canada is the French language. This is also an official language in Canada. This is seen in the fact that about 7 million people in Canada are believed to be speaking the French language with ease. This also translates to about 20% of Canada’s total population. The regions of Quebec and Montreal are the only two parts of Canada which are known to be fully French-speaking. It is believed that the number of people who speak French would keep on declining in Canada. This is the belief despite the fact that Canada has repeatedly tried to make efforts to ensure that the French language remains a vital part of the country’s heritage and culture.
  • Chinese: another language which is slowly on the rise is the Chinese language. The reasons for the surge of this language is due to the fact that Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants who are Chinese in terms of nationality to their countries. Hence, these Chinese persons would seek to speak the language of their nationality. It is believed that about a million people in Canada today speaks Chinese. This equates to about 3% of the population of Canada. It is believed that with the current immigration policies which are set up by the Canadian government, this number is set to increase.

On a final note

Language forms an essential part of the culture and traditions of Canada. Their languages are one of the major factors which help shape the future of Canada. With English on the rise and French declining, it certainly seems like the future of Canada is inclined towards the English language.